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TACKMIX offers a spectrum of Tile & Stone Adhesives & Grouts for the construction industry. Ease of application, eco-friendly approach makes us prominent among other competitors. We have tile adhesives,stone adhesives,brick Adhesives,high-build marble & granite adhesives and all types of grouts.Superior strength, long durability, uncomparable tensile strength, hydrophobicity attracts the DIY and contractors to choose TACKBOND.The high performance cementitious and acrylic paste tile adhesives consist of a full range of european standards EN 12004 / EN 12002 compliant products.

Tack Bond Gold

Tack Bond Gold  is a cement based premium polymer modified tile adhesive for the indoor and outdoor application of tiles on floors, walls and counter tops. This adhesive can be used on most surfaces including concrete, cinder blocks & gypsum boards. Available in white and grey colors in 20 kg paper bags.
Super Tile Glue

Super Tile Glue is a water proof cement based polymer modified tile adhesive for ceramic tiles. Designed for using in kitchen and bathroom applications. Available in white and grey colors in 20 kg paper bags.

Tack Bond 2020 

Tack Bond 2020 is a water proof premium tile glue designed for swimming pool applications. Blended from specially graded silica sand , portland cement ,high grade polymers . Available in white and gray  color in 20 kg paper bags.

Tackbond Platinum

Tackbond Platinum is a multipurpose high build  thin-set mortar for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, stone, quarry tile,pavers and bricks . High strength and durability ,has a long open time with unsurpassed adhesion and workability. Designed for heavy duty stones and bricksAvailable in white color in 20 Kg paper bags.

Tackbond Titanium

Tackbond Titanium is a fortified dry-set mortar specifically formulated to provide a one step installation for large format ceramic tile, marble and granite, including ungagged tiles or installing tiles on rough surface . It can be applied by mixing with water or with the latex supplied by tackmix for more tensile strength. Available in white color in  20 Kg Paper Bags.

Tack Paste 

Tack Paste is a readymix white , non-flammable, water based acrylic latex paste for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile on both floors and walls.This premixed , creamy, water resistant tile adhesive is ideal for installations over cement backer board, gypsum wallboard and plywood. Available in 25 Kg   inert Buckets.

Tack Grout

Tackmix manufactures a full array of high quality cementitious grouts from 2 to 3 mm. Tack Grout range does not curl up during application and gives a water and weather-resistant joint with no shrinkage cracks. Available in a range of 16 colours. And we are having instant color matching laboratory set up. We will make any color grouts based on customer demand.Available in 10 Kg plastic bags.

Tack Grout Water Proof

Specially formulated cement based polymer modified grouting compound designed to point tile joints up to a width of 8mm. Tack Grout water proof contains additives to improve flexural strength, increase abrasion resistance, minimise shrinkage, reduce dirt pick-up and increase water resistance. Water Proofing cementitious tile grout for ceramic tiles . Specially designed for swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens . Provides a grout joint that is dense, hard and durable. Available in any colors in 10 Kg Plastic Bags.


TACKMIX passion to do always better has resulted in a wide range of high-performance water proofing products which have demonstrated their long lasting durability. A roof that lasts long, will help you save a lot of money and will preserve the value of your property. With TACKPROOF ; waterproof and futureproof go hand in hand.

Tack Proof 1K

Tack Proof 1K is a single component waterproofing system for swimming pool, water tanks, roof, wet areas like toilet and kitchen etc., It can also be used for crack repair and rehabilitation projects. Liquid-applied,100% acrylic waterproof elastomer with outstanding adhesion to various substrates and cures to a permanently flexible membrane .The low thermal conductivity of the membrane serves as an insulation medium to resist heat transfer. The long lasting glossy white color reflect solar radiation that helps heat to back into the atmosphere which keeps the interior of a building cooler . Available in white colors in 5L & 20L plastic buckets.

Tack Proof 2K

Tack Proof 2K is a two component cementitious water proofing system. This hybrid system has good flexibility and elongation. After drying forms a tough film with scratch resistance.Specially formulated for swimming pools, retaining walls, pile heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks and a wide variety of extreme service class structures. On curing it forms an excellent elastomeric, waterproof , protective layer over the substrate. Available in grey/white in 20 Kg Kits ( 15 kg Part A + 5 Kg Part B ) . Part A and Part B are mixed together in site prior to application .

Tack Proof 2000

Tack Proof 2000 is a specially formulated elastomeric waterproof coating based on acrylic elastomer, light fast & weather durable pigments, properly selected & graded fillers, fungicides & additives in a water base medium. It is used as waterproof coating over cementitious, metal & asbestos, building roofs because it has an outstanding durability, UV & weather resistance. After drying,this water proof membrane forms a good treadable surface which can be covered with ceramic tiles. It is applied by brush or spray and after drying can be walked upon uncovered. Available in white colors in 5L & 20L plastic buckets.


TACKMIX protective sealers for marble, stones & granites creates far better and durable sealed surface. We manufacture high quality marble and stone sealers to protect your marble or stone surfaces. Our high quality products and tools can help to keep your stone surfaces looking beautiful and glistening for years to come.


SUPERSEALER 501 is a unique solvent base silane clear sealer designed to eliminate the use of an impregnator before using a color enhancer for maximum stain protection and superior color enhancement.This sealer is safe to use on granite, marble, lime stone, natural stone, slate, ceramic tile, quarry tile, concrete and masonry surfaces. This high quality sealer revitalizes the old & worn stone and tile installations. It can be used in exterior and interior environments. Available in 20 L jerry cans.


TACK SEALER 502 is a thermoplastic solvent base clear sealer specially designed for concrete surfaces. Glossy ,matt , semigloss finish available for concrete surfaces. Ideal for stamped concrete surfaces, interlocks and masonry surfaces .This sealer physically and chemically lock into the concrete or masonry surface to become part of it, to form an exceptionally durable and effective moisture barrier to help prevent exterior dampness from entering the interior. Available in 20 L jerry cans.


TACK SEALER 503 is a proprietary water-based silane-siloxane water repellent and impregnating sealer for concrete and masonry surfaces. It penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the substrate to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores. It provides long lasting protection against deterioration or staining caused by water absorption, salt and freeze-thaw cycles. Once sealed, substrate become less susceptible to cracking, spalling, pitting, staining, mold, mildew, algae and efflorescence. The main attraction of this product is its sustainable eco-friendly nature. After drying, this sealer forms a  strong durable water resistant film. Available in 20L jerry cans.


TACKMIX  provides a wide range of skimcoats and putties for the proper finished surface prior to painting. Our putties and skimcoats offers total protection against flaking. As a white cement based polymer blend , it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp and forms a protective base substrate . With an effective protection against flaking, we can assure you a good looking home for years to come.


Tackmix Skim Coat is a water Proof finish coat for plastered walls prior to painting. Blended fine quality water proof powder composed of cellulose,vinyl ter polymers , special graded chemicals.Superior finish with high durability.Gives a smooth leveled surface for the crack repaired surfaces and plastered surfaces.This product is ideal for patching fine surface imperfections such as pinholes,hairline crackson ceilings and walls.Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Wall Putty is a white cement based polymer composition . Adheres to the plaster surface even if the surface is damp and uneven, and forms a protective base. Fills up all the pores in the walls and ceilings and gives a base surface for the paint on. With extra HP polymer it gives a water resistant surface . Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Render Coat is a thick render which replaces gypsum plasters and conventional cement / sand mix plaster in construction sites. Water proof thick render available in any colors. Forms a thick smooth surface for interiors and exteriors. This can be used for patching concrete walls and as a masonry joint mortar when ordered in grey color. Available in 25 Kg paper bags .


Tackmix Wall Care Paste is a ready to use  multipurpose fine finish  skimming and jointing compound with water proof characteristics. When you need to skim an old wall papered surface, joint gypsum boards, patch cracks and blemishes in concrete, or simply skim rendered walls in a quick and economical way, Tackmix Wall Care Paste is the solution for you. Available in 4 Kg & 25 Kg buckets.


Tackmix flooring has a range of self levelling compounds and screeds .A perfectly smooth and even underlayment determines the final finish and service life of the floor ; no matter which flooring has been installed .Tackmix floor levelling compounds are consistently high quality formulations . Our products are fast moving in the market dur to its  non-shrinkage charcteristics. These products are dust free and the price is also competitive.


TACKMIX TOP SL 104 is a cementitious self levelling compound used for levelling of floors before applying any modern flooring system, thus avoiding any surface irregularities. Blend of specially selected OPC, graded aggregates, polymers, plasticizers and a set of control additives to produce a smooth free flowing and self levelling material which can be leveled to get a smooth even surface. Available in grey color in 25 Kg paper bags .


Tack Floor Easy Screed is an easy-leveling screed, with very low shrinkage and pumpability characteristics. The low shrinkage feature allows the applicator to screed large areas with out using control joints. It is made of special cement, selected aggregates and additives which give the product its high performance in terms of low shrinkage, adhesion, strength, and segregation resistance.The product have been mixed prior to application.It is easily applied and finished. Ideal for flooring residential buildings, malls ,hotels , hospitals, offices and ware houses from light to medium use . Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


TACKMIX EMERY FLOOR HARDENER is a high strength dry shake metallic floor hardener for industrial concrete floors with high degree of abrasion resistance. Contains 100% natural pure corundum aggregates and cement polymer mix with special silica aggregates. Mainly used for ware house and distribution centres, AGV aisles, high stack vehicular traffic routes, shipping and receiving areas, tractor and truck repair facilities, where increased impact and abrasion protection are required. Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Mineral Floor Hardener is a high strength non-metallic dry shake hardener for industrial concrete floors . Ready mixed , polymer modified , quartz silica blend with superior abrasion and chemical resistance . It has been specifically engineered for early application to concrete floors that are designed to conform to a specific floor flatness designation as outlined in ACI 117 and ASTM E-1155. This product can be applied over a freshly placed concrete topping of a bonded two course concrete floor system. The thickness of the bonded overlay must comply with the requirements of ACI 302. Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


TACKMIX experts designed special rush coats for concrete walls as well as for aerated and light weight block work. High degree of bonding & hydrophobicity makes the arabic architecture  outstanding by our rush coat systems. Rush coats ranging from 0.3 mm to 2.3 mm manufactured by us . Rush coats provide a thick surface prior to rendering on concrete blocks, fair concrete surface and AAC blocks.


Tackmix  Key Coat is a ready mixed mortar based on mineral bonding agent used for preparing cement based surfaces before rendering. It improves the adhesion of the new plaster, cement & gypsum based. It is applied on internal or external walls and ceilings, fair faced concrete, masonry blocks, and old cement based plaster. This product have superior adhesion to the substrate and applicable to a variety of surfaces. Gray granular powder with a particle size ranging from 0 - 0.4 mm.Normally applied at a coverage rate of  5-6 Kg/mby a tyrolean box or spray hopper based on the substrate and application method . Available in grey color in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Spatter Dash Coat is a ready mixed mortar based on mineral bonding agent used for preparing surfaces before the rendering. It improves the adhesion of the new plaster, cement & gypsum based. Mainly used on masonry blocks. Brownish granular powder with a particle size ranging from 0 - 0.3 mm. Applied at a rate of 4 Kg/mby a tyrolean box or spray hopper , depending on the substrate and application method. This product is very easy to apply and time saving . Its water proof adhering nature allows the customer to apply on exterior areas as well as swimming pools and kitchens.Available in 25 Kg paper bags.

SPECIAL PLASTER RUSH COAT is a water proof , high strength rush coat for achieving a good key for rendering on fairfaced ,ultra smooth concrete surfaces. The particle size ranges from 0.4 mm to 1 mm. Available in any colors based on customer demand . Standard colors are green and beige. Application by tyrolean box/spray hopper at a rate of 5 Kg /m2.  This product can be applied on masonry blocks & aac blocks. Available in 25 Kg paper bags.


TACKMIX under its renowned brand name TACKCOAT provides exceptional professional HVAC protection service to a multitude of national customers. Our hvac coatings systems satisfies the customer needs with extraordinary service and unbeatable quality. Cost effectiveness, time saving and long lasting durability makes our coating systems out standing in the uae market.

TackCoat 30-36

TackCoat 30-36 is a tough and flexible adhesive and sealant, forming a durable seal against air leakage. Due to its excellent water, UV and abrasive resistance, it can be used outdoors as well as indoors in thermal insulation systems on metal duct. Finish for insulation materials in combination with reinforcing fabric (e.g. canvas cloth on air conditioning ducts) and cold water piping. It can be applied to the joints or edges of fibrous duct liner insulation to seal and prevent air erosion. Available in 25 Kg Plastic Pail and 4 Kg Plastic Buckets.

TackCoat AF 30-36

TackCoat AF 30-36 is a white,fire-resistive,tough,washable,abrasion-resistant ,antifungual, indoor and out door coating for thermal insulation. It is also used as a lagging and lap adhesive for canvas and glass lagging cloth. This product  has excellent brushing characteristics, which will result in better coverage and more uniformly coated surfaces. This coating is highly preferred for the surfaces where the humidity level had to be sustained at or above 90%. This coating provides a protective finish for insulation on air conditioning products and cold water piping when applied in two coats with reinforcing fabric embedded between the coats.Available in 25 Kg plastic Pail and 4 Kg buckets.

TACK COAT VB-75 is a water based vapor barrier canvas coating synthesized from acrylic base resin with special fillers. Designed for all types of internal and external thermal insulation duct systems.This is formulated for increased vapour barrier protection and for heavy duty commercial or industrial purposes.Ideal for use over internal and external HVAC duct, ASJ, FRK, and FSK jackets and board facing to give a vapour barrier seal at joints, laps, and weld pin punctures. It is used for sealing and fitting, piping, vessel ducts and equipment operating between 0°C and ambient temperatures. Compatible to be used on mineral wool,glass fiber and polyurethane foam. This can be applied easily by brush, roll and airless spray and available in 25 Kg Plastic Pail and 4 Kg buckets.

Engineering Grouts

Tackmix has a wide range of high performance , non-shrink, tacky engineering grouts specially designed for the construction industry. Free flowing polyurethane epoxy systems, polymer modified powder mixes ; gives customer a vivid portfolio for better constructive technology. These products are special grouts designed for anchoring, swimming pools, heavy duty marbles and granites. Tackmix always stick to environment friendly products which make us to develop water washable grouts even in epoxy systems. Our epoxy grouts are water washable . Our engineering grouts always satisfy the customer with its  good coverage , polishing properties and anti-fade character.


Tackapoxy Grout is a three Component epoxy water washable grout designed to be used as joint filler for floor and wall applications of ceramic tiles, granites, stones and marble.Ideal for joints from 5 to 75 mm. Specially graded fillers and adhesion promoters combine to give this grout superior flow and adhesion properties. Ideal for residential kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, dairy factories and swimming pools. Interior and exterior use. Available in any colors based on customer demand in 10 kg plastic pails .


Tack Grout HS is a single component ready mixed,water proof, non-shrink, non-metallic, flowable, high strength structural grout. Balanced blend of washed and graded silica sands, portland cement, flow improvement compounds and a shrinkage compensating system which produces a volume stable structural grout. Generally used for precision machine bases, pump and equipment bases, structural columns, machine tools, compressors and anchor bolts. Available in Grey color in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackfix is a three component epoxy based structural  anchor grout used for anchoring base plate, bolt pockets , bar anchor, starter bar, bridge bearing etc., Resin capsule for rock bolting consisting of a filled resin mastic in one compartment,catalytic part in the other and graded filler in the third compartment in accurately measured quantities. It protects bolt from corrosion and is strong, rapid and consistent anchorage. Also, it is effective in weak and watery ground conditions. Available in Grey Color in 10 Kg plastic pails.


Tackmix Filler Grout is a  sanded , single component, cement based, water proof tile grout that is designed for wide joints from 5mm-30 mm. Composed of specially graded silica fillers and high strength additives in a scientific way for wide joints.This grout is perfect for grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Perfect for commercial or domestic installations.Available in any colors based on customer demand in 10 kg plastic bags .


Tackmix Super Flex Grout  is a fibre reinforced flexible water proof cement based grout. If you’re looking for a flexible grout for use on super-wide joints, then this is the grout for you.High Strength,anti-crack 10-30 mm wide joint grout . It's formulated to fill deep joints in one application with easy clean off and no slump, and dries with a very hard finish.Suitable for use in areas subject to prolonged or permanent wet conditions such as wet rooms and swimming pools. This grout is based on silane technology for color stability and abrasion resistance. Triple protection  effect of this grout prevents fungi growth on your floor.Available in any colors based on customer demand in 10 kg plastic bags .


Tackmix unveils the art of patch repairing and fair coating through the expertise of polymer admixture engineering.Deterioration of concrete structures can happen for many reasons such as corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration etc. Many years of research plus decades of practical experience have enabled us to develop full comprehensive mortar solutions to repair, restore and rehabilitate concrete structures. Cost effective solution ,high build mortars, strong adhesion, smooth finishing make our repair mortars market leader.


Tack Repair Mortar is a cement based, very rapid hardening high build repair system that develops quick and high strength. This repair mortar is a dry pre-mixed cementitious coating based on hydraulic binders, siliceous filler, water retaining agents and other admixtures. This repair mortar have excellent bonding qualities in either flowable and no-slump consistencies. Recommended for application in depths of one inch and more.Working quickly to allow a fast return to service, this product match the concrete’s strength, improve the aesthetics and prolong the lifecycle of the building or structure. Available in white and light-grey in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Fair Coat is a single component , polymer reinforced, high strength, cement based patching and repair mortar . This product has been specially designed to repair, slope or level structurally sound concrete surfaces that are pitted, worn, scaled or spalled. Effective for interior and exterior applications. When properly applied the product will produce a strong,durable, well bonded surface of desired texture. Improved tensile strength, fair finish, high degree of hydrophobicity makes this repair mortar predominant among other repair systems. Highly recommended for water prone areas. Available in light grey in 25 Kg paper bags.


Tackmix Patch Repair 2C is a two component patching mortar cement based powder mix with latex based liquid provides, very rapid hardening high build patching system develops quick, high strengths. This repair will give an acrylic membrane repair on the concrete surface which gives a long lasting  finish for the concrete surface . It is an advanced, polymer modified, cementitious surface impregnant with high penetration into  the concrete surface.This all-purpose mortar is designed for maintenance patching and minor repairs (25.4 mm) to featheredge. Available in 25 kg Kits ( 21 Kg paper bag & 4 kg Liquid in can ) .


Tackpoxy Crack Filler is a three component epoxy crack filler providing long term guarantee for the filled cracks. Mixed in the measured proportions this blend gives ultra strength after curing.This water washable epoxy mortar stands up to heavy traffic and many chemicals.Ideal for repairing eroded or damaged concrete, bay edges and broken steps. Does not shrink or crack and suitable  for indoor and outdoor use. Available in 3 -in-1 packs in 10 Kg Plastic Pails.


TACKMIX color plasters are  impressively flexible material that is suitable for interiors and exteriors, base coats as well as finish coats. Designed for walls, floors, counters, shower stalls and can be rendered to achieve an infinite range of textures, from rustic with evident aggregate to smooth and glossy. Composed of lime that has been slaked for seven years, producing an exceptionally durable plaster. Bonds to the surface through a natural chemical process resulting in a durable, breathable, lightfast coating. It can be applied directly to any mineral substrate that is untreated, unsealed, unpainted.This can  be applied to drywall and other non-mineral substrates provided that they have been prepared with a bonding Primer like TACKBOND PVA.


Tack Plaster is a water proof , fibre reinforced , decorative plaster specially designed for exterior applications of arabic villas and homes. This is manufactured from a wide range of eco-friendly chemicals. It is a self-healing, crack-resistant, hypo-allergenic, odorless, non-flammable drymix polymer blend. Offered in all these standard colors displayed here. We can make any color based on the customer demand. Available in 25 Kg paper bags. 

                                                                                                Tackplaster 101

                                                                                                  Tackplaster 102

                                                                                                Tackplaster 103

                                                                                                 Tackplaster 104



TACKMIX manufactures a  set of  emulsion based bonding agents for concrete, wood , gypsum boards and plasters which are very essential for the construction industry .Whenever perfect and reliable bonding to the substrate is needed, bonding agents should be used to create adhesion. Our Bonding agents under its renowned brand name "TACKBOND" serves the international market for the last four years.


Tack Bond PVA is a single component multi-purpose bonding agent, primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture that adheres to most common building and DIY materials. Ideal for priming unsound surfaces prior to plastering or painting. Fully conforms to BS 5270. It can be applied in thin screed without cracking,reduces the water/cement ratio and easy to use. High degree of compatibility with all types of cement and good resistance to salt permeation. Available in 1L, 5L and 20L cans.


Tack Bond SBR is a white styrene butadiene co-polymer used to improve the properties of cement renders, screeds and mortars. It is also used in conjunction with special polymer drymix blend  as a priming coat or tight render basecoat. Used with sulphate-resistant cement it will resist the movement of salts with in wall.This product is water and abrasion resistant after the application. It also improves the durability of cement renders and has many other uses. Available in 1L, 5L and 20 L cans.


Tack Bond AR 202  is an acrylic water resistant modifier and bonding agent for concrete, mortar, plaster, repairs and floor toppings.Ideal for use in outside applications subject to continual presence of water.Provides excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, plaster, cement fibreboard and most surfaces.Greatly improves tensile, compressive and flexural properties allowing thin section application of concrete, mortar, floor toppings etc. Universal bonding agent from new to old substrates & cement mortar modifier because it provides strong bonds to old & new concrete.  Available in 1L, 5L & 20 L cans.


Tackmix manufactures block joint adhesives for proper laying of blocks into buildings. Our block adhesives are very cost-effective with superior tensile strength, hydrophobicity and workability. Blocks will get a proper finishing after laying with these block joint mortars.This adhesive group consists of a range of dry-mix performance mortars developed for use as light weight block mortars and decorative brick mortars, which provide excellent long term value and durability.


Tack Bond Block Adhesive is a specially developed thin joint and repair mortar used with ALC blocks. This adhesive has been designed to provide reliable adhesion while helping to minimise thermal bridging and other problems commonly associated with traditional mortars. Extended open time,minimum joint width, reducing plastering costs makes this product more attractive. Mixing by screw machine or manual. Applied as thin mortar beds @ 3 mm thickness. Available in grey/white color in  25 Kg paper bags.


Tack Bond Colourmix is a range of decorative masonry mortar used for laying clay bricks to create a coloured masonry joint. This product is designed for both interior and exterior structures such as facades, partition walls and fireplaces, etc., It is available in a range of ten standard colours. Our mortars and renders are used all over the world and can be relied on to perform in the most demanding situations. Applied as thick mortar bed @ 10 mm thickness. Excellent bond strength , anti-cracking , good workability attracts the customers to choose this product for their bricks. Available in 25 Kg paper bags in any colors based on customer demand for any bricks.


TACKMIX offers some speciality products for the construction industry which are modified polymer tacky chemicals for finishing ,sealing and tiling. Construction workers have a lot of jobs to do including spackling, levelling, coating, smoothing, repairing, securing, jointing and sealing. Special construction chemicals are available for each of these tasks. They are normally supplied as paste compounds consisting of a binder, fillers and additives supplied ready to use right out of the container or after being mixed with water. They can be applied by hand, with a roller or sprayed on.


Tackmix Gypsum Joint Compound is a vinyl-acrylic based ready mix joint compound that may be used directly from the container. It gives a smooth finish joint mixture which is able to fill up the gaps and provide resistance to shrinkage under normal weathering conditions. This is designed for tape application, fastener spotting and complete joint finishing of gypsum board. It can also be used for repairing cracks of plastered walls, touching up interior surfaces prior to painting. Excellent adherence, fast drying, smooth finishing and zero shrinkage are the premium features of this product. Available in 25 Kg and 4 Kg Plastic Pails.


Tack Seal is a one-part, water-based acrylic sealant suitable for internal and external cracks exposed to little or no movement as well as building repair. Once drie d it can be painted if desirableIt is easy to apply and compatible with most materials used in construction e.g. concrete, wood, brick, natural and artificial stone, glass, metal and sanitary-ware. Resistant to UV radiation, moisture and extreme temperature fluctuation.This water based eco-friendly sealant cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.This product can be used with normal caulking guns. Available in 25 Kg and 4 Kg Plastic Pails.


Tackpoxy 300 is a highly reactive, chemical resistant, epoxy adhesive that will bond to most sound, clean surfaces. Adhesive spreads easily and cleans with water while fresh. Special features include moisture insensitivity, superior bonding & mechanical strength.Tackmix provides a factory-proportioned kit consisting of epoxy resin, hardener and chemical resistant silica filler. Tackpoxy 300 can be used in interior and exterior walls and floors, wet and dry areas. Available in 10 kg and 5Kg Plastic pails.


Tackmix Ultra Wood Adhesive is a water proof low voc based wood adhesive. This product is recommended for interior use and formulated in compliance with British Standards EN-204. After hardening this product gives colourless and durable joint. Excellent adhesion to hard woods (imbuia, oak), soft woods (pine, meranti) and composites (hardboard, chipboard, supawood). Its special formulation provides long lasting bonds on all types of wood and laminates. This product provides better coverage, no toxic odor and is non flammable and non hazardous. Available in 4 Kg and 25 Kg Plastic Pails.

We are the dealers of all types of paints, epoxy flooring & pu topcoats. We have all the RAL colors. We are supplying gypsum powder and grey cement at a very competitive price.